Resources for sustainability in Curaçao

Helpful resources

Here you can find a list of helpful resources available for download. These resources can help you understand what you can do to lead a more sustainable life and help create circular economy in Curaçao.

Sustainability Guides

HARNESSING PLASTIC Sustainability for success. An Island Entrepreneur’s Guide

Entrepreneur’s guide

Are you an ambitious entrepreneur on Curaçao? In this guide, we aim to provide practical insights and established practices to guide entrepreneurs toward sustainable solutions.

Plastic pollution presents not only challenges but also unique opportunities for innovation and positive change. It is up to our entrepreneurs to create innovative new solutions that put the wellbeing of our island at the front of business development. This guide can help you with that.

Download Enreprener’s guide:
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Guardians of the blue a resident’s guide to marine sustainability in curaçao

Resident’s guide

Are you curious what you can do and what you need to know to lead a more sustainable life on Curaçao? We prepared this detailed guide that covers topics such as plastic pollution, responsible consumption, waste management, the circular economy, and community engagement.

It also contains practical tips, strategies, and resources for every resident and visitor of Curaçao to actively contribute to marine conservation efforts.

Download Resident’s guide:
👉 English Version
👉 Papiamentu Version
👉 Dutch Version

Gap Analysis

Plastic Pollution Prevention in Curaçao Gap Analysis

Full report

You can download the full 100-page report to dive into the details, sources and full analysis of the legislations and policies. The full report describes in-depth all findings and background information relevant for policy changes in Curaçao.

Summary of Plastic Pollution Prevention in Curaçao Gap Analysis

Summary of the report

You can read the 20-page summary version of the report. The summary highlights the most important findings and recommendations covered. This summary does not include detailed analysis, neither the list of sources.

Annual Report

Green Phenix Annual Report 2023 preview

Annual Report 2023

Discover the ambitions behind Green Phenix and learn about our achievements and impact.

In this report, we cover in detail our activities that took place in 2023.

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