Creating a plastic-waste free economy by keeping materials in the loop.

In a circular economy, waste is eliminated, resources are circulated and nature is regenerated to help tackle global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss and waste management.

Our Focus

We focus on creating a circular economy for plastics. Our focus is on the plastic, because it’s a major global issue that damages natural ecosystems, threatens animals. Microplastics are also a human health hazard.

Green Phenix Circular Economy

Making it work

Stimulate Circular Designs

All products should be designed and used in ways that eliminate waste and pollution.

Manage Resources to Preserve Value

Green Phenix is creating a resource management system that keeps products and materials in the economy at their highest possible value.

Making the Economics Works

We believe circular solutions should be the norm rather than the exception. Economic incentives and set regulatory requirements are essential to unlock benefits at scale.

Systemic Change

Making the circular economy mainstream requires support from the public and private sectors.

Innovation, Infrastructure & Skills

Green Phenix is developing circular economy opportunities, in collaboration with public and private sector partners. This will ensure an inclusive transition, supporting innovation and developing the infrastructure necessary to scale the transition.