We aim to stimulate the participation of motivated people from all walks of life.

Inclusive Economy
Disability is the inability to see ability.
What is an inclusive economy?

It is a more sustainable society that aims to include all its members and prevent social exclusion.

Why inclusive economy is important?

High unemployment numbers and poverty are a reality for Curaçao. Employment opportunities are not equal for all. We want to stop rising economic inequity.

How can we achieve it?

Empower individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

How Green Phenix integrates inclusive economy?

In collaboration with the Ministry of Social and Labor affairs, Green Phenix offers a Learn and Work program of 1 year, for people that have been long-term unemployed, but want to reintegrate into the working society. In 2019 this program started with 12 participants and currently 24 spaces are available.


The majority of the people that completed the learn and work program found a job.