Green Phenix catalyzes a circular & inclusive economy to safeguard oceans

Our Mission

We collect plastic waste and transform it into high quality resources. This enables the local community to use these materials to create and produce in our innovative recycling maker-space. This holistic approach to a zero waste economy enables innovative local production, diversifies our economy and helps to reduce plastic waste & pollution.

Our Vision

We’re working towards a sustainable region where nothing goes to waste: neither resources nor human potential. Everything is optimally put in service to benefit both current communities as well as future generations. We will be in the center of revolutionary systematic change in which the way we use resources is shifted. Green Phenix will be a knowledge centre for development of regional capacity to deal with plastic waste streams and finding innovative, sustainable solutions that are community driven.

With our experience we will create blueprints to enable easy replication by others on different islands.
Green Phenix Core Values

Core Values

We strive to be dedicated, innovative, resilient, grateful, inclusive and focus on sustainable growth.