Here you’ll find the ten FAQ’s and the answers to them. These frequently asked questions reach u in all kind of way. On this page we’ve brought them together and keep the answers up to date.

What does Green Phenix recycle?

We recycle three sorts of plastic: PET (1), HDPE (2) and PP (5). You can identify the sort of plastic by the symbol of three arrow, connecting into a triangle and a number in the triangle.

And we recycle aluminium (non ferro) cans. The cans you buy with drinks in them. Not the cans that are used for vegetables and other conserved food. Those are made of metal (ferro)

Can I visit Green Phenix?

Yes, of course. You are more then welcome to visit us and see how we process the plastic we collect and how we make new products from it. Click here for more information about the tour.

Click here for other eco-experiences we offer.

Where can I bring my plastic to?

You can bring it to our facility at Zeelandia (Polarisweg 24) of to the collection station at the parking of Sambil shopping mall.

Do I get something in return for the plastics and cans?

First of all you’ll get a cleaner and safer environment for you and you family to live in. Besides that you can participate in the campaign “Be a Recycling Hero”. If you bring your recycables to our facility at Zeelandia, you’ll receive a stamp for each 1kg of bottles and cans. Fully stamped (9 stamps) cards go into a box and every month we have a raffle. We blindly pick three cards from the box and these three Hero’s of that month will receive a nice price.

Is there a deposit system in place on Curaçao?

No, there is not. That is why glass bottles as well as plastic bottles and aluminium cans end up in the general waste very often. A deposit system is very complex when applied in a small community like Curaçao. For example a bottle cleaning facility (to re-use bottles) is very expansive and must be able to be operational 24/7 to become cost effective. And for that Curaçao is to small.

Alternative is a system where the producers and/or importers of bottles and cans have to pay for the collection and recycling.

What do you do with the plastic you collect?

All the plastic that arrives at our facility is first selected by sort of plastic and by color. Where necessary we take of the labels and clean the plastic.

Most of the PET plastic (about 80% of the total we collect) is then shredded and stored in big bags or pressed into bales. The shredded and baled PET is then shipped to the recycling industry to make new bottles. A part of the PET plastic is kept aside and processed further into even finer flakes and eventually into powder. With that powder we can either 3D-print or make filament to be used in the 3D-printers.

The HDPE and PP plastic is partly keep as it is and is available for handcrafting and artists to work with. Most of it goes through a plastic mill and is turned into small flakes. These flakes we use to make building materials such as beams and building blocks. We use an extruding machine to do so.

Beside 3D-printing and extruding, we use the plastics to make items by handcrafting and by melting plastics into molds.

How does Green Phenix help businesses to recycle their plastic waste?

For businesses (resorts, hotels, restaurants, offices, schools) we offer a pick-up service for their plastic and aluminium waste. That service can be combined with the placement of a collection station on site. We also give presentations to the personnel of the compagnies. Pleas contact us for more information.

Can Green Phenix 3-D print for me?

In 3-D printing we us self-made PET filament. That always has some irregularities. Therefore we are careful in promising that we can. We hey, we can always have a look!

How many people work at Green Phenix?

First of all there are 24 people working for us, while they are participating in a working and learning program that can take up to a year. They receive a welfare payment because they are longtime unemployed. During this year they can improve their working skills and get a better chance to find a job.

Then there are 8 part-time employees. They all are former participants from the working and learning program. They proved to be capable to work with us with a proper contract.

And we always have 2, 3 or 4 interns from several schools and universities.

And some volunteers help us with specific jobs.

What is the big surprise?

The big surprise is that everybody that reaches this page and reads this answer, wins a free tour for four people at our facility. Just book the tour for four on our website.

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