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We are delighted to present the 2023 annual report. Discover the ambitions behind Green Phenix and learn about our achievements and impact.
On Saturday, March 2nd 2024, we organized the third and concluding Open House for the RESEMBID project that we have been working on for the past 14 months.
Green Phenix Announces Collaboration with Stichting DOEN for a More Sustainable Future in Curaçao.
Say goodbye to single-use plastic cups and hello to the rich flavors of your favorite brew in a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative.
Only buy packaging that has local recycling options. Say no to items that contribute to waste on our island.
Embrace the power of bulk buying to reduce packaging waste and promote a more sustainable way of shopping.
Say goodbye to balloon use and opt for eco-friendly decorations that won't harm our precious wildlife.
This guide is our beacon of hope that offers practical wisdom to entrepreneurs and businessmen to create more sustainable businesses in Curaçao.
This comprehensive guide is your passport to becoming a steward of the sea, a defender of our marine treasures, and a champion for the future of Curaçao’s coastal wonders. 
A gap analysis was conducted to determine if Curaçao's policies and legislations are sufficient to combat plastic pollution on the island.
We had a few changes to the board members of Vrienden van Green Phenix Foundation. Existing members changed their roles, and we had a new board member joining our team.
Green Phenix had the opportunity to travel to Aruba to participate in Turning the Tide Conference that took place from October 23 - 26, 2023
Behavioral change in Curaçao International Airport facilities team: significant increase in recycling
Challenge yourself to exclusively reusable alternatives when eating on the go or ordering takeout.
We're challenging you to make eco-conscious choices when dining out or grocery shopping.
In the Plastic Bottle Breakup Challenge, we'll kick single-use plastic bottles to the curb and opt for eco-friendly alternatives.
Say goodbye to single-use plastics at the grocery store!
This initiative, aimed at reducing plastic pollution in our beautiful island nation, is set to make a lasting impact in the ongoing fight against plastic waste.
On 10 of June, we are holding an open house at our location in Zeelandia.
Since August 2021 Green Phenix is a preferred partner of the water refill program by the D-Tap Foundation. A part of the profit of all the Scan & Go bottles sold go to Green Phenix to support the shared SDG goals.
On Tuesday the 14th of June the 3rd version #maketheturtlesmile campaign was closed. 81,819 recyclables collected.
#Maketheturtlesmile V3 will be extended with a month.
The 3rd version of #maketheturtlesmile is active from February 14th until May 14th. #Maketheturtlesmile is an awareness and activation campaign organized by Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao and Green Phenix.
From now, on Mambo beach will collect recyclable waste! In collaboration with TUI Care Foundation and Green Phenix, 6 recycling stations were placed at Mambo Boulevard and the required logistics were set up. 
Since the last report, Green Phenix encountered quite some adversity. The bricks are not coming along as we expected and hoped, the hang printer requires more R&D than anticipated and after a year of operating from 2 locations, we decided that we simply couldn't continue operating 2 locations anymore.
GreenPhenix has an operational change.Since now there is a beautiful recycling center at Sambil, close to the entrance of Carrefour, this will be the place to recycle your bottles and cans when you are visiting Sambil.
On Friday evening, the 16th of July, Green Phenix was represented by Sabine Berendse in the National Finals of the Entrepreneurship World Cup.
WILLEMSTAD - At the end of last year, Green Phenix and Coca-Cola launched a joint campaign calling on the community to recycle plastic.
Green Phenix officially opened the facility in Sambil on January 26th 2021.We're extremely proud that we were able to grow our activities during the global pandemic. From starting in the backyard, with 4 machines and 12 people from an SOAW program we came a long way.
After the great success of #maketheturtlesmile last year, this year we are aiming to stop even more plastic from going to waste!
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) became essential and were in high demand. The traditional supply chain couldn’t keep up and 3D printing offered a solution for several of these products.
We are super happy and proud to announce that we closed a strategic partnership with the Dynaf Group. Dynaf is doing fantastic work to make Curaçao more sustainable and resilient.
With all that we are doing over the island, have you been wondering what Green Phenix actually is?