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Green Phenix wins another Public's Choice Award!

23 November, 2018

In the 20th edition of the Innovation Award Curacao, organized by CITI, Green Phenix was nominated in 3 categories. The Sustainable Innovation Award, the Social Innovation Award and the Public Choice Award.

In the Sustainable and Social innovation categories a professional jury had to decide between the top 3 projects. “100% green portion controlled cleaning” won in the Sustainable category and “From detention to successful businessman” won in the social category. Well deserved! It was a huge honor to in the top 3 with these other amazing projects.

After a very interesting race with “Skenicash” Green Phenix had the most votes of the public at the moment of closing. We are extremely grateful to everybody that voted for Green Phenix and we would also like to thank CITI for organizing the event, the judges and the public. Masha masha danki!

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