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23 May, 2019

On Thursday, May 23rd the #artforawareness installation in the Sambil Mall was officially opened. The art installation is a combination of sea turtle pictures, a plastic ocean made out op plastic bottles with sea turtles swimming in it, an wall painting, a curtain made out of bottle caps and waves that demonstrate cutlery cleaned form the shoreline of potential sea turtle nesting beaches.

Minister Hensley Koeiman officially opend the installation and together with Jayden Booi he unveiled the wallpainting made by Claire Hol, by opening the bottlecap curtain.

Over 100 people joined forces to create the art installation, which is meant to create awareness and stimulate behavior change. The idea is that we can still prevent plastic form entering our oceans and we can prevent that there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050. However, action is required and to little people realize that is the case.

The artpiece will be at the Sambil mall for at least 3 months. In that period new things will be included and people that use the hashtag #maketheturtlesmile have a chance of winning awesome prizes like a dive course, a trip to Klein Curacao, a spa treatment, a nice dinner and more. Stay tuned for updates, so you don't miss your chance to win amazing prizes.

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