Join the ‘Plastic Diet’ campaign!

Plastic Diet Campaign poster

We are proud to announce the launch of the new ‘Plastic Diet’ Campaign in September. This initiative, aimed at reducing plastic pollution in our beautiful island nation, is set to make a lasting impact in the ongoing fight against plastic waste.

At the heart of the ‘Plastic Diet’ Campaign is a mission to tackle the source of the problem: uncontrolled plastic consumption. Our commitment extends beyond the cleanup of visible plastic waste and the promotion of recycling. The primary focus is on preventing future pollution by raising awareness and actively promoting responsible plastic consumption.

The Plastic Diet: Our Mission

The ‘Plastic Diet’ Campaign is a call to action to shut off the symbolic “tap” of plastic pollution. We firmly believe that prevention is the key to solving this global crisis. Therefore, the campaign emphasizes not only cleaning up the environment but also reducing plastic consumption in our daily lives.

Why You Should Participate

During Clean Up Month in September, we urge all citizens of Curaçao to join the ‘Plastic Diet’ Challenge. Take a closer look at your plastic consumption habits and become aware of the consequences for our planet. By making simple changes in our daily routines, we can collectively make a profound difference.

How You Can Contribute

Participants in the ‘Plastic Diet’ Campaign are encouraged to:

  • Practice Mindful Consuming: Choose reusable options and reduce disposable plastic use.
  • Educate and raise awareness: Share your ‘Plastic Diet’ journey on social media using the hashtag #PlasticDiet2023 to help spread awareness.
  • Take Local and Global Action: Get involved in clean-up events and support initiatives dedicated to a cleaner planet.
  • Participate in weekly challenges: Join our weekly challenges to track your progress and share your achievements with campaign-specific hashtags.
  • Support plastic-free businesses: Back businesses that actively provide plastic-free alternatives.

Together, as conscious citizens, we have the power to create a Curaçao and a world free from plastic pollution.

A European Union funded initiative, supported by RESEMBID

The ‘Plastic Diet’ Campaign is part of a broader project to reduce plastic pollution in the marine environment funded by the European Union and supported by RESEMBID. This support underscores the importance of the campaign’s objectives and its potential to create a significant positive impact.


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