Make The Turtle Smile v3 is extended

#maketheturlesmile 3 campaign

#Maketheturtlesmile V3 will be extended with a month

Due to many positive reactions, the awareness campaign #maketheturtlesmile which is now running for the 3rd year in a row, the campaign will be extended by another month. Originally, the goal was to collect a minimum of 40,000 recyclables by May 14, but this target was already reached on the 4th of April.

Participants receive a stamp for every 25 items they bring to Green Phenix at Paviljoen Zeelandia. With these stamps, they can save for amazing prizes. There are still really cool prizes left, which is why the campaign will be extended for another month. 

We’re super grateful to all the participants and to all the sponsors:
Lionsdive, Morena Resort, Bay West, Flipside Skate park, Mermaid Boat Trips, Miss Ann Boat Trips, Maritiem Museum, Van der Tweel Supermarket, Restaurant Rozendeals, Fort Nassau, Mambo Beach Boulevard, Awesome, Cinemarkx, Carlos Moreno, Seaquarium, Dushi Straws, D-bottle, Winefactory.

Together we can clean Curaçao!

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