New collaboration with Stichting DOEN

Green Phenix collaboration with Stichting DOEN

Green Phenix, a social enterprise in Curaçao dedicated to fostering a circular and inclusive economy for a sustainable Curaçao, is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Stichting DOEN. This partnership signifies a significant step forward in Green Phenix’s mission to strengthen the community and promote a more sustainable future on the island.

Over the past 5 years, Green Phenix has provided vocational training programs for individuals facing barriers to employment and has established an ecosystem for collecting waste plastic, which is then used to produce new local products. With the support of Stichting DOEN, Green Phenix can continue and expand these activities.

Stichting DOEN is renowned for its commitment to accelerating the transition to a sustainable, social, and creative world. With the support of participants in the National Postcode Lottery, Stichting DOEN will assist Green Phenix in amplifying the impact of their initiatives.

“The collaboration with Stichting DOEN is a fantastic opportunity for Green Phenix to increase our impact and continue our mission of a more sustainable future in Curaçao,” said Sabine Berendse, founder of Green Phenix. “We look forward to working together on innovative solutions and achieving positive change.”

Green Phenix and Stichting DOEN are eager for a fruitful collaboration and are committed to jointly contributing to a more sustainable, social, and creative world.

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