We collect

Plastic bottles from drinks and cleaning products.
We also take aluminium cans.

Curacao's Journey to Circularity

What we do

Recycling Plastic on Curacao - Sceduled pick-up

We set-up COLLECTION of your plastic waste at your desired location and frequency.

Plastic recycling on Curacao - Sorting the plastic

We SORT IT, so you don’t have to worry about mixing it up.

Plastic recycling on Curacao - cleaning the plastic

We CLEAN and SHRED the plastic to prepare it as a raw material.

Plastic recycling on Curacao - creating new products

We make MOLDS, DESIGNS and create NEW PRODUCTS and MATERIALS from recycled plastic.

What we collect

Plastic recycling on curacao - PET

PET (1)

Plastic recycling on curacao - number 1
  • Plastic bottles from drinks – all colors
  • Plastic containers
  • Single-use cups
  • Other
Plastic recycling on curacao - HDPE and PP

HDPE (2) and PP (5)

Plastic recycling on curacao - number 2 and 5
  • Plastic bottles from detergents – all colors
  • Plastic bottles from cleaning products – all colors
  • Bottle caps – all colors
  • Other
Aluminium recycling on Curacao


Aluminium recycling on Curacao
  • Aluminium cans

The price

The prices vary based on the amount of plastic to be collected each month (in kg). The more plastic you have for recycling, the better rate we will give you per 1kg of plastic collected.

We provide yearly contracts, which can be paid monthly or yearly. If you pre-pay for the whole year in advance, we give one educational tour for your employees free of charge.

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Extra services

Recycling consulting

We consult on how to set-up the recycling for your business, so it becomes easy and intuitive for your employees to include in their daily processes.


We provide a yearly statistical report on the amount of plastic recycled and what became of it.

Custom materials from your plastic

Receive your plastic waste back as building materials at a special rate. We can create custom molds to make 100% recycled plastic building materials for you from your plastic waste.

Education about recycling

We provide educational lectures on recycling to your employees. Understanding why they need to recycle can help your employees to stay motivated for the task and be ready for the new changes.

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You can contact us directly via call, Viber or WhatsApp at +599 9 565 2271 (Sabine) or send email to service@greenphenix.com

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