We provide educational tours at our recycling centre at Paviljoen Zeelandia.

The educational programs are focussed on the recycling process and technology.

The cost of the tour is 7.50ANG and 17.50ANG (for tourists).

Plastic Pollution Education on Curacao

These educational tours at Paviljoen Zeelandia show the machines, the different processes that are involved in the recycling process and the plans for the future. The tours are a perfect way to educate both adults and children about the recycling process and the problem of plastic pollution. During the tour, we explain why it is important to separate recyclable waste and how it can be done. The program shows hands-on how plastic is recycled and how it can be turned into new products.

Recycling education and tours in Curacao
Recycling education and tours in Curacao
Recycling education and tours in Curacao
Recycling education and tours in Curacao

Custom education about recycling for your employees

Custom-made training sessions

Our educational programs and training sessions are custom-made for different target groups.

This helps to better prepare students for the future of work. The training sessions provide in-depth education about 3D printing-related topics, like designing, materials and the different software and hardware options.

Education on Plastic Pollution in Curacao

Together with our partners, we determine the specific measurable educational goals, and decide on the best way to reach this goal.

Let’s discuss the educational program for your organization

You can contact us directly via call, Viber or WhatsApp at +599 9 565 2271 (Sabine) or send email to service@greenphenix.com

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    Green Earth

    We believe that it requires everybody in the community to make profound changes to the way we treat plastic pollution on Curaçao. That is why we invest a lot in public awareness and education and provide training and education for children and adults.