GreenPhenix Sambil recycling station

New location for plastic drop-off

GreenPhenix has an operational change. Since now there is a beautiful recycling center at Sambil, close to the entrance of Carrefour, this will be the place to recycle your bottles and cans when you are visiting Sambil. We are closing our Sambil Facility, all operations moved to Zeelandia Our facility next to the Caracasbaai Entrance…

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Doño di GreenPhenix Sabine Berendse i representante di Coca-Cola Myrthe George-Verhulst

Green Phenix and Coca-Cola recycle 33,280 bottles

WILLEMSTAD – At the end of last year, Green Phenix and Coca-Cola launched a joint campaign calling on the community to recycle plastic. This second version of the awareness campaign #maketheturtlesmile ensures that the materials do not go to waste. Instead, they are given a new life in the form of a locally manufactured product.…

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Green Phenix grand opening in Sambil

Grand Opening of Green Phenix at Sambil

Green Phenix officially opened the facility in Sambil on January 26th 2021. We’re extremely proud that we were able to grow our activities during the global pandemic. From starting in the backyard, with 4 machines and 12 people from an SOAW program we came a long way. Currently, we are operating from 2 facilities. In…

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#maketheturtlesmile campaign 2020

#MakeTheTurleSmile Campaign 2020

After the great success of #maketheturtlesmile last year, this year we are aiming to stop even more plastic from going to waste! How does it work: Collect plastic bottles (plastic types 1, 2 and 5) and aluminium cans Bring them to Green Phenix For every 25 bottles or cans, you receive a stamp  With these…

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COVID-19 Response Taskforce Curacao

COVID-19 Response Taskforce

The purpose of the Response Taskforce During the COVID-19 pandemic, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) became essential and were in high demand. The traditional supply chain couldn’t keep up and 3D printing offered a solution for several of these products. On Curaçao, a taskforce was formed to locally produce low-cost PPE’s during the Corona pandemic. These…

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Green Phenix and Dynaf Curacao Strategic partnership

Strategic partnership with Dynaf

We are super happy and proud to announce that we closed a strategic partnership with the Dynaf Group. Dynaf is doing fantastic work to make Curaçao more sustainable and resilient. By joining forces we expect to further increase our impact. Dynaf electric car for Green Phenix For the next 2 months a Dynaf electric car will be used…

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Green Phenix is...

Green Phenix is…

With all that we are doing over the island, have you been wondering what Green Phenix actually is? Here is a video with what our team, volunteers and supporters think Green Phenix is. This video about Green Phenix was made, by Gail Johnson, for the finals of Startup Launchpad.

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