#maketheturlesmile 3 campaign

#Make The Turtle Smile 3

The 3rd version of #maketheturtlesmile is active from February 14th until May 14th. #Maketheturtlesmile is an awareness and activation campaign organized by Sea Turtle Conservation Curaçao and Green Phenix. The intention is to involve the community in the prevention and reduction of pollution. Our goal’s for the campaign The first 2 campaigns were mainly focused…

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Reduce single-use plastic on Curacao

Ways to reduce your single-use plastics

There are an estimated 5 TRILLION pieces of plastic in the ocean worldwide, with 8 MILLION metric tons added to the ocean each year. Our wildlife is dying due to swallowing or becoming entangled in plastics. You can help reduce waste by removing single-use plastics from your everyday activities. Whether you live in Curaçao or…

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Mambo Boulevard Recycling bin

Mambo Boulevard starts a recycling program

From now, on Mambo beach will collect recyclable waste! In collaboration with TUI Care Foundation and Green Phenix, 6 recycling stations were placed at Mambo Boulevard and the required logistics were set up.  At the popular touristic hotspot, a high volume of waste is created daily. Previously everything was collected as general waste, but from now on…

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Green Phenix Update Dec 7 2021

Developing our character muscles

Since the last report, Green Phenix encountered quite some adversity. The bricks are not coming along as we expected and hoped, the hang printer requires more R&D than anticipated and after a year of operating from 2 locations, we decided that we simply couldn’t continue operating 2 locations anymore. This meant that we had to…

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Green Phenix EWC Curacao

Green Phenix at National Finals of EWC

On Friday evening, the 16th of July, Green Phenix was represented by Sabine Berendse in the National Finals of the Entrepreneurship World Cup. At the magical location of the Cathedral of Thorns Green Phenix was one of the young enterprises that got a chance to give a 3-minute pitch. It was an amazing experience to…

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#maketheturtlesmile campaign participants

Green Phenix and Coca-Cola recycle 33,280 bottles

WILLEMSTAD – At the end of last year, Green Phenix and Coca-Cola launched a joint campaign calling on the community to recycle plastic. This second version of the awareness campaign #maketheturtlesmile ensures that the materials do not go to waste. Instead, they are given a new life in the form of a locally manufactured product.…

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Green Phenix grand opening in Sambil

Grand Opening of Green Phenix at Sambil

Green Phenix officially opened the facility in Sambil on January 26th 2021. We’re extremely proud that we were able to grow our activities during the global pandemic. From starting in the backyard, with 4 machines and 12 people from an SOAW program we came a long way. Currently, we are operating from 2 facilities. In…

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#maketheturtlesmile campaign 2020

#MakeTheTurleSmile Campaign 2020

After the great success of #maketheturtlesmile last year, this year we are aiming to stop even more plastic from going to waste! How does it work: Collect plastic bottles (plastic types 1, 2 and 5) and aluminium cans Bring them to Green Phenix For every 25 bottles or cans, you receive a stamp  With these…

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COVID-19 Response Taskforce Curacao

COVID-19 Response Taskforce

The purpose of the Response Taskforce During the COVID-19 pandemic, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) became essential and were in high demand. The traditional supply chain couldn’t keep up and 3D printing offered a solution for several of these products. On Curaçao, a taskforce was formed to locally produce low-cost PPE’s during the Corona pandemic. These…

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