Green Phenix puts the activities together at Paviljoen Zeelandia

GreenPhenix has an operational change.

Since now there is a beautiful recycling center at Sambil, close to the entrance of Carrefour, this will be the place to recycle your bottles and cans when you are visiting Sambil.

We are closing our Sambil Facility, all operations moved to Zeelandia

Our facility next to the Caracasbaai Entrance in Sambil will no longer be operational. We’re putting all our operations together at our facility in Zeelandia (Polarisweg 24).

At Zeelandia we are open every Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and Fridays and the educational tours will continue after the 9th of august.

We’re super grateful for the time we were able to spend at Sambil and the additional awareness that being in this beautiful mall helped create.

The work & collaborations continue.