Bring us your plastic

We turn used plastic into new products

Our team collects your plastic, processes it, separates, and then uses the machines to give it a new and meaningful life.
Green Phenix team recycling plastic
Plastic Recycling at Green Phenix
Board with information about recycling in Curacao

Important To Remember

Not all plastic can be recycled

If you really want to make a change and difference, Plan A is to reduce your plastic use as much as possible.

Bring your own containers for take out, use reusable water bottles, avoid plastic dishes and utensils, use natural materials when possible, and so on.

Not all plastic can be recycled, and it cannot be recycled infinitely. To avoid plastic in our environment and in our ocean, we first have to avoid plastic in our life.

If you cannot avoid plastic

If you tried your best, but for any reason you are not able to avoid certain plastics in your life, see if they can be recycled and if so, use the recycling bins around the island to dispose of these plastic items.

Don’t throw recyclable plastic into general waste bins. Give it a chance to have a new, usable life.

Bring it to us to Paviljoen Zeelandia or use the recycling bins. We all have to work together to limit the plastic that ends up in our ecosystem.

We Recycle

Plastic number 1 - PET
Plastic number 1 - PET - example


  • Plastic bottles from drinks
  • Plastic containers
  • Single-use cups
  • Other
Plastic number 2 and 5 - HDPE
Plastic number 2 and 5 - HDPE - example


  • Plastic bottles from detergents
  • Plastic bottles from cleaning products
  • Bottle caps
  • Other
Aluminium recycling in Curacao
Aluminium recycling in Curacao - example


  • Aluminum cans

Drop-Off Locations

Please clean all recyclables before dropping them off

If you are participating in one of our actions or savings programs

Bring your plastic to Paviljoen Zeelandia during our opening times

Mon, Tue: 7am to 5pm
Wed: closed
Thu, Fri: 7am to 5pm
Sat, Sun: closed

On the map below, you can find locations of recycling bins on Curaçao. This includes both public and private bins. Please click on each pin to check if the bin is available for public.

Photo of Paviljoen Zeelandia - Green Phenix

Paviljoen Zeelandia

Available 24/7

24 Polarisweg
Willemstad, Curaçao
Leave your recycling at the location


Available 24/7

Recycling container outside of Carrefour entrance

Green Phenix Recycling bins in Curacao

Recycling containers

Available 24/7

Recycling containers at several locations and events. Check the map for specific locations.

On each plastic bottle or container (or its packaging) you will find a triangle with 3 arrows and a number in the middle. This number represents the type of plastic the product is made of.

At the moment, we can only recycle plastic types that have number 1, 2 and 5 (as seen above.)

If the bottle or container doesn’t have any number on it, you can still bring it to us, but please put it separately. We will try to find out which plastic type it is and see if we can recycle it.

If enough people come together to request a new recycling container in your neighbourhood, we will install it there. So gather your neighbours and local businesses, contact us, and we will work together with you to build new plastic drop-off locations.

If you are a business, you can sign up for our scheduled plastic pick-up services from your location. For more information, contact us.

We’ve published an article with some suggestions how you can easily swap plastics for reusable alternatives. Read the article “Ways to reduce your single-use plastics”.

Yes, this will help us with recycling procedure. You can also pack all the caps into a separate bag.

Recycling Pickup services in Curacao by Green Phenix

For businesses and events

We provide individual recycling pick-up services for businesses as well as pop-up recycling bins for events.

Green Phenix Recycling container at an event in Curacao