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Green Phenix fights plastic pollution in the Caribbean at its core


Green Phenix was born out of the desire to make a real impact on the global plastic pollution problem, while benefitting the local communities and wildlife, specifically in the Caribbean region.



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Our story

In 2017 Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao and LIMPI recycling formed a partnership. Volunteers of STCC collect plastic that washes ashore on potential nesting beaches. They sort the plastic by color and bring it to LIMPI, who transform the plastic into meaningful turtle merchandise, which is again exchanged for donations that are made to STCC. This concept is working really well.

In a little over a year LIMPI produced 11.000 products, for different parties. The total weight of plastic being 240kg. Considering that 35.000kg of sorted plastic is collected each month, the impact is really small. But it proved the concept and Green Phenix aims to connect different initiatives, so that together we can make real impact.



Green Phenix connects organizations that all work for a better future, because we believe the fastest way to achieve impact is to work together.

Waste plastic has value. It is a shame if it ends up in landfills, oceans or emission!

If you agree, maybe we can work together to make more impact and create meaningful change.

Our current partners are:

BA3d printing / Limpi / Green Force / Waste2Wear / Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao / Curacao Clean Up

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