Catalyzing a circular & inclusive economy to safeguard oceans

To accomplish our mission, we work on creating a circular economy on Curaçao. We began our journey by working with plastic, to reduce plastic waste and pollution on Curaçao. We promote circular recycling efforts, whereby we directly create new products from used plastic.

The 3 steps of recycling

To promote circular economy on Curaçao, we begin by initiating sustainable recycling practices. In the process, we create new products from post-consumer plastic and enable a creative process that anyone can use at our facilities.

Learn more about our recycling process through the project Curaçao’s Journey to Circularity.

Collecting plastic waste
Step one - Collect


We save plastic from going to waste, by collecting it from people and businesses.

Shredding plastic waste
Step two - Sort and Shred

Sorting, Cleaning and Shredding

The collected plastic is sorted, cleaned and shredded. The plastic flakes are our raw material.

Creating new products from plastic waste
Step three - Create


We initiate, collaborate and grow the local creator network to help fix the plastic waste problem.

More than recycling

At Green Phenix we don’t believe that recycling is the solution. It is only a step on the way to a bigger goal. Reducing the threat of plastic pollution to our ecosystems, health and economies, requires good recycling possibilities as well as a shift in mentality – we need to change the way we see and treat plastic.

Plastic is not our enemy

Plastic is a flexible, durable and cheap material that can be transformed into new products over and over again. At Green Phenix our goal is to bring about a change in the use of plastic – from a linear to a circular economy. A circular economy ensures that all the materials that we use, can be reused.

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