Educational Daily Tours

Daily Tours of Green Phenix Recycling facilities in Curacao
Join our daily educational tour through our facilities

What you will experience during the one-hour tour:

1. Arrival and welcoming

Our headquarters are located in a traditional yellow Pavilion annexed to the 18th century Landhuis Zeelandia. This is a beautiful and historical building. This is where we receive all the collected plastics and recycle them. We will welcome you and explain how the tour will go.

The educational tours teach about the whole process of recycling: how plastic waste is turned into a new product and why it is so important to recycle.

2. During the tour

The tour will take you past all the different stages of our process. Every space has its own function: selection, separating, cleaning, cutting, shredding, storage, extruding, baking, designing and 3D-printing. The tour guide and the people who work with us will explain everything and answer all your questions.

3. After the tour

You will receive a token made of recycled plastic as a souvenir of your participation.

To participate in this exciting tour, we ask NAF 25 (NAF 12,50 with sedula). Your investment supports our work and keeps Curaçao clean.