Stichting Vrienden van Green Phenix

‘Vrienden van Green Phenix’ is an NGO based in the Netherlands that supports the work of Green Phenix. The non-profit aims to make a social and environmental impact for the greater good.

The NGO generates funding through donations. In the choices for activities, the organization follows the philosophy of effective altruism.

Board Members

Sabine Berendse

Ed Berendse

Ed Berendse

Adric Walter

Adric Walter

About the Organization

KVK: 83633987
Fiscal number: 862941623

Our goal: Catalyze a circular and inclusive economy in the Caribbean; Reduce waste and pollution in the Caribbean.


Funding: Stichting Vrienden van Green Phenix raises funds from sponsorships and donations. Both from individuals and from companies.

Spending: The funds will be used to compensate expenses. The NGO does not aim to make a profit. A healthy reserve should be maintained. Expenses over 500 EUR need to be approved by 2 board members.

Compensation: Board members are not paid for their activities for “Vrienden van Green Phenix”. Direct costs made to carry out work for “Vrienden van Green Phenix” can be reimbursed.

Bank account: Pending approval and requires ANBI status

Please see below our Beleidsplan 2022-2026