Shoreline Cleanups with a tour

Curacao beach and shoreline cleanups with Green Phenix
Join us in a shoreline clean-up and visit our facilities

What this special event shoreline clean-up includes:

1. Meeting and driving to the location

We will meet you at 08:00 at a predetermined location. We will take you to a piece of shoreline on the north face of the island. The rough, rocky, and windy side. So, make sure to wear good shoes (no flip-flops or espadrilles). We will bring everything you need to help us clean that piece of shoreline.

2. During the clean-up

During the clean-up, we will explain everything there is to know about marine pollution with plastics. What plastic floats and what plastic sinks. How does it deteriorate, and what are the consequences? Where does it come from, and how can we prevent further pollution?

Of course, we will make sure you don’t dehydrate or get hungry. There will be drinks and a small bite.

3. Facility tour after the shoreline clean-up

After a satisfying hour and a half of cleaning, you will be surprised by the amount of plastic we collected. We will put everything we collected into our pickup truck and head back to our facilities. There we will show you the whole process of what we do next with the collected plastics (and with plastics from other collections).

You will see what and how we separate different plastics, how we prepare to make raw material from it and how we make new products using the collected plastics. Moreover, you will get to know the people who work with us. They are all very special.

4. After the tour

We will be closing the morning around 12:00 with the homemade plastic-free Green-Phenix mocktail and a matching bite. And you will receive a token made of recycled plastic as a souvenir of your participation.

To participate in this wonderful and meaningful event, we ask NAF 35 (NAF 20 with sedula). Your investment supports our work and keeps Curaçao clean.