Kid’s Educational Workshop

Kids Educational Workshops on Recycling in Curacao by Green Phenix
On request, we organize an educational and fun two-hour workshop / birthday party for the 8 to 12 years old children. Up to 16 children per workshop.

What the children do during the workshop:

1. The tour

First, we will take the children on a tour through our facilities. During the tour, we explain everything about recycling and its process. We also show how different machines work and explain the purpose of each. We educate the children to understand why taking care of plastic pollution is important for our planet. We explain how each of us contributes to the plastic pollution and how we can make our island cleaner / healthier.

2. A break with a snack

After the tour, we will sit down and have a drink and a small healthy snack. During this break, the children will be divided into two groups. The groups will then move on to the next activities.

3. Interactive “baking” and handcrafting

Each group will take part in two fun activities. One group will start “baking” a nice souvenir of this day. The other group will be handcrafting something. When ready, they will switch. So, at the end of the workshop, each will have two nice items to take home.

4. After the workshop

The event will end with a sit down to see what everybody made and to have another drink. In case of a birthday, we sing a song and eat a delicious birthday cake.

For every 6 children, we request one adult to be present. The maximum number of children per workshop / party is 16.

For each child participating, we ask NAF 30 (NAF 15 with sedula). Your investment supports our work and keeps Curaçao clean.

Contact us for more information and to request the workshop or call +599 9 682 9673 for more information.