Plastic Diet: Check before you buy

Green Phenix Plastic Diet Check before you buy

Become an Island Recycling Hero by checking if packaging can be recycled locally before making a purchase. If packaging cannot be recycled, it should not be allowed on the market. Only buy packaging that has local recycling options. Say no to items that contribute to waste on our island.

Why Participate?

  • Reduce Waste: By choosing products with recyclable packaging, you’re helping reduce waste on our island and protecting our environment.
  • Support Recycling Efforts: By supporting products with recyclable packaging, you’re encouraging businesses to prioritize eco-friendly packaging options and support local recycling initiatives.
  • Lead by Example: By making informed purchasing decisions, you’re setting an example for others in the community and promoting a culture of sustainability.

How to Get Started:

  • Check Recycling Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with local recycling guidelines and learn which types of packaging can be recycled on the island.
  • Read Labels: Before making a purchase, check product labels to see if the packaging is recyclable according to local guidelines.
  • Spread Awareness: Share information about local recycling capabilities and encourage others to check before they buy to reduce waste on our island.

Let’s be Island Recycling Heroes and make informed choices to protect our environment! 🌴♻️

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