Mambo Boulevard starts a recycling program

Mambo Boulevard Recycling bin

From now, on Mambo beach will collect recyclable waste! In collaboration with TUI Care Foundation and Green Phenix, 6 recycling stations were placed at Mambo Boulevard and the required logistics were set up. 

At the popular touristic hotspot, a high volume of waste is created daily. Previously everything was collected as general waste, but from now on plastic bottles and aluminium cans will be collected separately and recycled by Green Phenix.

People that are looking for a unique sustainable experience can visit the Green Phenix facility and take an educational tour through the colourful journey of the plastic recycling process. At our facility, a tour guide walks you through the process of sorting plastic by type and colour, shredding it into flakes and finally creating products.

The need for waste reduction is visualized and practical tips on how to create a more sustainable island are shared. Other initiatives that help catalyze a circular and inclusive economy are also highlighted.

The collaboration between TUI Care Foundation, Mambo Beach Boulevard and Green Phenix has an enormous potential to create a lasting impact. All parties are extremely proud to start the program.

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