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Green Phenix Founders

Sabine Berendse

Sabine Berendse

Giacomo Booi

Giacomo Booi

Our people

People are very important at Green Phenix. As a social enterprise, we care a lot about the wellbeing of our society. We make sure we can provide more employment opportunities to people living on Curaçao.

Our current employees:

Ansje Sebastian

Arlon Maria

Brandely Martina

Claudette Ostiana

Cynthia Robert

Desiree Sebastiana

Eldrich Muller

Emsley Merce

Fiorella Benett

Giovani Anastacia

Gregory Whiteman

Jeremiah Stephens

Jurick Bicentini

Ludineska Windster

Lusendy Allee

Nateline de Jesus

Norshanty Locadia

Osje Scoop

Peter Geertruida

Raymond Adamus

Recardo Gibbs

Shirley Granviel